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Go for a Green Ride, Concern for the Environment
Time:2015-12-07    Read:1170 Time

     On March 21st , in spite of the cloudy weather, Sate-Lite Ventilation general manager Brian together with employees had a bicycle ride in Zhaoqing Seven Star Crags Lake to show their concerns fo r the environment. 
     Zhaoqing Seven Star Crags Lake Green Road riding is about 20 km long, which is named as "China's most beautiful green channel". Its greatest feature is that the greenway is located in urban areas. Zhaoqing Greenway is surrounded by  Baltic Park with Moon Lake Park, Star Bay Park, the Church of St. Paul Square Park and Seven Star Crags, East Gate Square, and North Gate Square. The urban style  lakeshore scenery with beautiful village farm characteristics were highly praised by people there.
     The central Star Lake is so picturesque that people have an illusion that they are walking in the sky. In terms of Fairy Lake, thousands of green trees and flowers are growing everywhere, swaying in the breeze, .
      Sate-Lite has made every endeavor on environmental protection and tried to set a good example to others. Environmental protection is not only a slogan, a sense, it is a matter of an act. Sate-Lite encourages and promotes employees to take actions to make many efforts to protect the environment.
      We deserve a better and bright future.

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