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Deflecto Exhaust Duct:Offer You The Fresh Air And Health
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With the living standard raising,people are more and more care about the air quality.How should we improve the indoor air?We need HVAC system.HVAC systems are employed to control the climate within a building.Supermarkets,hypermarkets,skyscrapers,hotels,metros,airports,house…all these place are need HVAC system.Most of people think that the good exhaust fan will bring the fresh air,but ignore the importance of exhaust duct.Now we have to let you know that this is a wrong idea.A bad quality exhaust duct will harm to your health as well.

The exhaust fan or ventilation is mainly used to control indoor air quality by diluting and displacing indoor pollutants.It can also be used for purposes of thermal comfort or dehumidification when the introduction of outside air will help to achieve desired indoor psychrometric conditions.The working principle is something like waterworks.The water is easily causing secondary pollution during running piping, the same as air in exhaust duct.If customer choose a bad quality exhaust duct.After many years,the air tightness reduce,it will cause air leakage.It can encourage the growth of bacteria.And the bacteria will fly to everywhere in your house through exhaust duct.

Deflecto exhaust duct,with good air tightness and anti-corroslon.Promise well ventilated effect and protect you from germs. Choose fresh air,choose health,choose Deflecto exhaust duct.  /

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