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How to choose the vent duct for the house
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Nowadays,more and more people are focus on the indoor air quality.Thus, the HVAC system place an important role in our daily life. A whole set HVAC system including vent fan,vent duct and accessories. HVAC systems are employed to control indoor air quality by diluting and displacing indoor pollutants.It can also be used for purposes of thermal comfort or dehumidification when the introduction of outside air will help to achieve desired indoor psychrometric conditions.The working principle is easy,but since most of consumers are not familiar with these products,they might confuse when buying it.Except for the vent fan,vent duct is another important part in the HVAC system.It will influence the running state and service efficiency of HVAC system directly. Now,Deflecto let you know how to find a right vent duct.



When choosing the vent duct,we need to pay attention to below tips:


1.    Material.There are many different materials for vent duct in the market.And aluminium exhaust duct and aluminum foil vent duct.What’s the different between aluminium exhaust duct and aluminum foil vent duct?

1.1  Aluminium exhaust duct with the function of fire retardant, low ventilation resistance and the steering system is inflexible.It’s suit to the pipeline with less turning.

1.2  Aluminium foil vent duct,function same as aluminium exhaust duct,but with strong ventilation resistance,it’s ideal for morn turning pipeline.

        So,you can choose the vent duct base on your house type.There are lots of brands on the market,as a brand over 55 years,Deflecto could give you more choice.



2.    Size.The size of the air piping should be match the air outlet diameter of air outlet.

2.1  Most air outlet diameter of air outlet are 100mm,150mm,200mm.General speaking,the bigger vent fan with bigger air outlet.And comsumer should pay attention to some import vent fan,because the units of diameter is INCH,such as 4’’,6’’,7’’ and switch to MILLIMETER should be 102mm,152mm,203mm.It is better to read the instruction carefully before you buy the vent fan.

2.2  Outside wall should be prepare the hole for the air outlet.It would be perfect if could be match the diameter of vent fan.If not,you could use a increaser/reducer to match the vent duct.


3.    Vent duct quality.As you know,a bad quality vent duct may causing secondary pollution.Let find what should we do.

3.1  Check the air tightness.Bend the vent duct into ‘U’shape,inject water into the duct,waiting for a minute.The vent duct without water seepage.

3.2  Check the soundness.Tow person catch the both ends of vent duct,and tugging.The vent duct without loose.

3.3  Check the noise.Hold the vent duct and shake.If you could hear the sounds like’click’,it means the material is not good,it might not tighten the air outlet and will cause noise.


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