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What to do before Install Deflecto Dryer Vent Hose
Time:2016-07-04    Read:1704 Time

When you buy or build a new house,to refresh the indoor air,install HVAC system is a very important step.During the HVAC system,dryer vent hose shows more crucial parts.Now,Deflecto would like to share how to install dryer vent hose.


1. Before install the air conditioning system,make sure the building balustrade are finished,clean up all the barriers on the ground.


2. Before install of indoor dryer vent hose,be sure that the house or building finished water and electricity engineering,wall fulfilled painting,and being conducted under the environment of dust-free or dust-proof.


3. Check if the size and position of hole match the drawing or not.


4.Ladder,scaffold, safeguarding, fire equipment and professional workers should be allocate in the working spot.Before the dryer vent hose across a wall or floor under conditions of enclosed,explosion-proof and fire-proof,the wall or floor should be preinstall the protection tube.Between protection tube and dryer vent hose,it should be fill in the materials that are not harmful to the health.Other tubes cannot be set in the inner of dryer vent hose.When transport the combustible and explosible gas,HVAC system should set a perfect earthing.If the dryer vent hose get through the house or room,it should not leave interfaces.Stay rope of the outside tube should be avoid the  lightning rod.Ensure each part of the vent duct can be normal use and easy control.Direction of valve and grill vent are correct.The arrow on the hand-operated valve body pointing in the direction of flow.Vent duct of HVAC system should be clean and without greasy dirt and floating dust.After finishing the installation, sealing by Deflecto aluminum tape.For any other problems during install the dryer vent hose,welcome to consult Deflecto,global hotline:4008120882 or send email


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