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HVAC Parts and Accessories Supplier
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During the installation of HVAC system,workers are need various of hvac parts or accessories,such as duct connector, valve,stainless steel exhaust duct,vent cover,etc…Store owner,supermarket purchaser or project team leader searching for the hvac parts,they willing to buy all the accessories in one supplier.For one thing,save time.For another,it’s convenient.


Fortunately,all the hvac parts are can be found from Deflecto ventilation Asia factory.The factory was established in June,1998.Whose headquarters Deflecto,LLC is the leader of ventilation industry in the world and the brand –Deflecto- with good reputation over 55 years.Deflecto ventilation Asia factory,mainly produce exhaust fan duct,kitchen exhaust duct,ventilation duct,air supply duct,blower hose,rangehood pipe,flexible duct,flexible hose,corrugated tube,corrugated pipe, semi rigid duct,rangehood duct,insulated duct,heating duct installation,cooling installation duct,plastic vent,inlet vent,gravity louver vent,fixed louvered vent,ceiling diffuser,grill, clip-seam duct, duct connector, adjustable elbow, saddle clamp,air deflector. All the regular and standard size are machinery production,ensure the stable quality.And enough inventories keeps delivery on time.


Deflecto ventilation could offer you full range of hvac accessories,facilitate the installation of different projects and enhance the working efficiency.Deflecto hvac parts and after-sell service have been a number of customer recognition ,including B&Q and Home Depot.It is very wise of you to choose Deflecto ventilation.

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