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Vent and Exhaust Duct—Capable Assistants of Ventilation Fan
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Nowadays,ventilation system almost use in each modern building.First of all , let’s learn more about ventilation fan.


Ventilation fan is to use air convection technology to make indoor air moving by using the automatic ventilation. It’s a device that can maximize the implementation and exchange of new indoor air. Ventilation fan’s  built-in multifunctional purification system ensures indoor healthy air.


Its working theory is to generate a air circulation in the interior living space to exhaust the dirty air outside and absorb outside natural air that’s gone through  sterilization, disinfection, filtering and other measures. It guarantees the fresh air in our life any at time.


So will everything be all right after ventilation fan is installed? The answer is definitely no. In the field of HVAC system, ventilation fan can't separately burden the shoulders on the whole fresh air system. Instead, ducts and vents are playing an important but invisible role in accompanying ventilation fans.



Now that ducts and vents are so important, are ventilation fans really relevant with ducts as well as ducts?


The answer is yes. Ducts and vents are used to deliver air indoor and outdoor. If choosing inconsistent ones, air would leak out making dirty air stay indoor and fresh air blocked outside. It finally does harm to our health.


The follows are the tips from Deflecto Ventilation:

1.    fresh air in the system, when choosing duct tuyere tuyere diameter to the duct with the corresponding use consistency, or ever will produce air leakage. While choosing ducts and vents in HVAC system, the diameter of vents should be consistent with ducts. Otherwise wind would leak out.

2.    Adjustable vent is generally preferred, once there is any uneven air volume, it can be adjusted correspondingly.

3.    Scalable composite aluminum hose should be your first choice. Duct should be as straightened as possible in order to reduce the wind resistance. Don’t straighten it too long, because every 1m additional length would increase 8% risks of being broken theoretically.


More information about exhaust duct,click:


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