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The Application and Development of HVAC System
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At present, the HVAC System(Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning)  is mainly used in three major area including residential buildings, public buildings and industrial buildings. In the field of residential buildings is mainly used in family residential buildings, mainly focusing on high-end apartments, villas, baby’s room and other small places. With the continuous development of HVAC system and joint efforts made by professional personnel in terms of  decoration, there is an increasing demand for HVAC system. Therefore, the developments of HVAC system accessories such as ducts and vents grows faster and faster.


Before 2008, HVAC System in our country are seldom utilized in our county. Only well-known real estate enterprises "Vanke" and "Poly", "Greentown" and so on took the lead in individual high-end villa building HVAC system. Along with the more and more serious environmental problems especially air quality issues, more and more enterprises are willing to utilize that system. Since2014, real estate developers have intention to regard the HVAC system as one of the standard configuration of real estate.

In 2014, the sales volume has reached up to 2.05 billion yuan, rising by 44.53% over the same period. Apparently the growth rate of housing construction is far faster than the average level of the whole industry. It’s mainly because in recent years, the rapid increase of children and the elderly respiratory diseases and childhood leukemia patients are caused by indoor air pollution, according to survey conducted by The National Centers for Disease Control. It also shows that 90% of these patients live in the house that are newly built or built for half a year or more. The Chinese government has begun to formulate new residential behavior standard then to improve the situation. Such actions would contribute a lot the rapid demand in the construction field. As a leader in the HVAC system industry, Deflecto is one those well-known brands for ventilation and other accessories to provide more full sets of ducts, vents and connection kits.(


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