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How to Calculate Blast Capacity in Home-made HVAC System
Time:2016-11-15    Read:1629 Time

As people’s living standard unceasingly increases, people are paying more and more attention to their health. HVAC system also called house respiratory system is more and more popular as an extremely important role in the household life.


Outdoor enriched air filters indoor by the early, middle and high efficiency filter to form the positive pressure. And at the same time indoor polluted air can be emitted effectively, which helps to improve the indoor air cleanliness.


Based on the conditions and budgets, many families would like to have their HVAC system by their own. They would like to buy multiple filter, blower, air pipe, outlet and other accessories. Thus as long as there is a little power, everyone can realize the dream of having home-made HVAC at home.



Although it’s easy to operate personally, it’s quite important to calculate the blast capacity when choosing new tools for the system. Because blast capacity calculation is directly related to the size of the equipment selection. So what are the blast capacity calculating methods? Deflecto Asia(Sate-Lite) will explain the ways to calculate blast capacity of HVAC system as per the latest national standard of HVAC system, which would be useful.


Assumption: an 100 residence area which is 3 m high and has 4 people living inside.

Blast Capacity Calculation—depending on air volume per capita 

As per the national regulation, the needed air volume per person should be 30m³/h. so the total air volume W1=30m³/h*4(the number of people)=120 m³/h. Similarly, we can do the calculation for every room.


Hope this one could be useful while choosing the home-made HVAC system. Any question about the HVAC system, kindly please Or visit below and check if there is any answers you could find.




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