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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Install Aluminum Flexible Ducts During HVAC System
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We all know that with the go forward of industrialization, air pollution is become more and more serious. And because of the complex construction in the building, indoor air pollution also getting worse and worse. In order to reduce the possibility of some illnesses, many families are accept install HVAC system. HVAC System not only exchange indoor and outdoor air, but also refresh indoor air. But when installing the HVAC system, we usually use aluminum flexible ducts or semi-rigid ducts to connecting. What’s the difference between these two different ducts?



But at first, Deflecto Ventilation (Sate-Lite) would like you to know why use aluminum flexible ducts or semi-rigid ducts instead of composite hose and plastic ducts. Because the material of composite hoses and plastic ducts are thinner and easier embrittlement. After embrittling, it will not easy to be change. So, that’s why use aluminum flexible ducts and semi-rigid ducts.


What’s the advantages and disadvantages of aluminum flexible ducts?


1.    Compare for semi-rigid ducts, aluminum flexible ducts save more time

2.    Aluminum flexible ducts are convenience for late modify pipeline and position of air intake and air outlet

3.    Aluminum flexible ducts can be use in a finished suspended ceiling or reconstruction building, it will not destroy the ceiling

4.    With the good ductility, aluminum flexible ducts are more perfect for used in air conditioner pipe, warm and cold water pipe, fire pipeline,etc..



But, it still have some disadvantages:

1.    Aluminum flexible ducts are not strong as PVC duct, it’s easy to be scratch and cut.

2.    Since aluminum flexible ducts are foldable, rough inside wall will increase the windage resistance. It will affect the result of exchange effectiveness.

3.    Because of the big windage resistance, you need to choose a big volume HVAC ventilation. And air distribute distance of aluminum flexible ducts are limited.


Next time,Deflecto Ventilation (Sate-Lite) ,aluminum flexible ducts manufacturer will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of semi-rigid ducts. Then you could judge which one is perfect for your project. More information about our aluminum flexible ducts, please visit:

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