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How to Replace the Outside Dryer Vent Cover
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An exposed outside dryer vent makes a convenient nesting place for insects and small animals, leaving your home away from the unwanted guests. Unprotected dryer vents can collect falling leaves and debris from air, making your laundry room a massy, even leave potential safety hazard. Over time, the dryer vent cover breaks and need to be replaced. You just need few minutes to finish this maintenance task with some basic tools. Deflecto Ventilation(sate-lite) offers dryer vents and dryer vent kits, if you decide to replace all your whole dryer vents.


1.Move the dryer away from the wall.You need to separate the duct hose from the back of the dryer.Some ducts might fastened with screws.Unscrew the screws by using a screwdriver.


2.Go to the outside of the house to access outside dryer vent.Slide the knife along the caulk around the outside dryer vent.Remove 4 screws,which are located at the top and the bottom of the dryer vent cover by using a screwdriver.


3.Brush away dirt from the dryer vent surface.Check inside the duct for debirs.Remove any leaves that you see.


4.Attache the dryer vent cover to the vent pipe,if your dryer vent kit comes with one.The length of vent pipe should be the same as the original one.Slide the new dryer vent into the vent hole.If the screw holds don't line up with the original screw holes,you wil need todrill the new ones.Remove the dryer vent pipe and dryer vent cover then screw the holes with a drill.


5.Move the dryer vent back into place,lining up the screw holes.Screw the dryer vent cover into the wall by using a screwdriver.


6.Go back inside and attach the dryer hose to the dryer vent.Screw the hose in place.Move the dryer back into its original positin.


More information about how to instal or how to replace dryer vent cover,please click:



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