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How to Install Metal or Plastics Vents for Air Conditioner Properly
Time:2017-09-26    Read:1254 Time
     Air conditioner is widely used all over the world nowadays. It’s very important to install metal or plastics vents to a correct position where air conditioner is used to ensure good quality and fresh air to supply indoors. Usually vents are installed outside the room, at the top of the roof and in the basement patio. There should be some more points to pay attention to when vents are installed in that there place. The following is for your reference.
1.      Vents fixed on outer wall
For a better appearance for the building, vents are usually installed somewhere invisibly while it’s quite bad for air supply there. Even worse we can find that vents are exactly upper the garbage. Therefore we need pay attention to a proper position for its installation to get rid of garbage or invisible place where air is not fresh.  
2.      Vents in the basement patio
When we install these vents in the basement patio, we should be careful to keep vents away from septic tank and oil separation tank. Otherwise peculiar smell would sneak into houses. What’s more, vents should be installed where there is far away from road to avoid dusts.
3.      Vents at the top of roof
When we install those vents at the top of the roof, we need a field test to see whether it will be close to cooling tower and air-cooled chiller unit as well as wash room and kitchen. These places would affect the air quality. Especially as for cooling tower, the bacteria in water can be delivered indoors with the air that would make us ill.

Hope these suggestions from Deflecto would be a great help to you. 

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