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Notices For Aluminum Flexible Duct Installation Of Range Hood
Time:2016-12-20    Read:2063 Time

It’s indispensable for everyone to have range hood installed in their kitchens. However, people think it troublesome while changing old aluminum flexible duct to new aluminum flexible duct of the range hoods. Even so, frequent changes of aluminum flexible duct in your kitchen can help to ensure indoor air quality and health of every family member. Herewith Deflecto (Sate-Lite) would like to share some tips about installation aluminum flexible duct of Range Hood.



Firstly, the installation height of the range hood should be 70cm above gas cooker. The best position for installation should be right beside the window where allows smoke being emitted easily.


Secondly, concerning the aluminum flexible duct linked to the range hood, the length of aluminum flexible duct shouldn’t be too long or too short. Otherwise lamp black would remain in the bending position of aluminum flexible duct or can’t be emitted outside.

More importantly, the outlet of aluminum flexible duct should be lowered to  avoid the oil backflow. In addition, to avoid smoke flowing backward aluminum flexible duct shouldn’t be installed windward.


Hopefully these notices could help you to install aluminum flexible duct on your own. Meanwhile. we suggest choose a branded and good quality aluminum flexible (Sate-Lite).For more information, please log in our website:


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