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Clean the lint filter before or after every load.

A dirty lint trap reduces air flow and leads to blockages in the dryer duct. It is like cholesterol in your dryer.

Clean or replace your dryer duct at least twice a year
A clean duct:
 - shortens drying time
 - puts less stress on your dryer extending its life expectancy
 - most importantly, protects your family and home from fire

Replace plastic vinyl hose with rigid or flexible metal duct.
Vinyl hose tends to trap lint and will not contain a fire in the event one occurs. Deflecto has excellent replacement products for your plastic and vinyl duct.

Never leave your dryer unattended.
You should never leave the house or go to bed with the dryer on. In the event something does happen, you will not be able to react.

Keep your dryer area clear of clutter.
Do not store clothes or other flammable items on or around the dryer that may aid the spread of a fire if one does occur.

Always read dryer manufacture warnings and care manuals.
In addition, make sure to read warning markings on the inside of the dryer's lid.

  Protect your home and family. Don't wait until it's too late!

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